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Lipase/Freezing/scalding question

I only pump about 1-3 oz per session, so I had left some in the fridge from yesterday and today & scalded it all (total around 7 ozs).  Now that I think about it - isn't this bad?  The milk was expressed, then refrigerated,then  heated, and now will be frozen.....  Am I supposed to scald immediately after expression, then freeze?

TIA - hope some of you may have done this before....

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Re: Lipase/Freezing/scalding question

  • Yes, you are supposed to do it immediately after pumping. I didn't find that out until I had given many bottles to DD that had been scalded like 3 days later! She's okay, but I do feel bad. I mean what are you supposed to do if you pump at work?

  • ugh - thanks for the response, I was thinking it seemed wrong.  Too bad I only get little measley amounts when I pump, and yeah, so much for pumping at work to freeze.

    oh well.

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  • I have lipase issues, but my son will drink a refrigerated or frozen bottle without complaining.  You only have to worry about scalding if the baby doesn't like the taste - the lipase won't hurt them.
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  • How long are you at work?  You can keep breastmilk at a cool room temperature for 8 hours.  Then you wouldnt be cooling, warming, freezing.  that said, I did keep cool and do it in batches, and even a couple of times scaleded it after I thawed it, not before.  *shrug*  As  mentioned above, it is only an issue if baby won't take it, it's not a safety issue.
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