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WDYT of this name?


I really love this name!

Re: WDYT of this name?

  • I don't mind it, but I know an awful lot of yellow labs named Sadie.
  • First thing I thought was dog name.

    LOL - I had a yellow lab stuffed animal that I named Sadie when I was younger...hahah.

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  • I think it's adorable!
  • imageRoxyLynn:
    I don't mind it, but I know an awful lot of yellow labs named Sadie.



    I have a yellow lab named Sadie, so I would associate it with a dog's name.

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  • My cat's name is Sadie. It reminds me of an animal name for sure.

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  • love it but i've noticed it's gotten very popular lately
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  • I think of it as an animal name having a revival as a cute girl's name but I wouldn't use it as the formal name. I would go with Sarah or similar.
  • I love, love, love this name but DH tells me it's a dog name.  I've never met a dog by this name and say go for it!

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  • ctanactana member
    It's adorable however now that I think of it, I know of more animals than little girls named Sadie.
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  • I know a  little girl named Sadonia who they call Sadie.  And I also know a lot of dogs named Sadie.  It is cute... I just don't know what it'd be like as an adult's name.
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  • Love the name Sadie
  • I like it, but prefer it as a nn for Sarah rather than as a stand alone name.
  • It's nice, but not my favorite. I think it's a weird nickname for Sarah. My dd's name is Sarah and we've never called her Sadie.
  • It's cute...I just know too many dogs with that name, so I wouldn't use it.
  • My dd's name.  I love it of course.
  • It's cute - but reminds me of a litty bitty old lady with white hair (the only Sadie I ever knew was elderly)
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  • All the Sadies I know are cats or dogs. So I think animal when I hear it.
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  • Very cute name but it is my dogs name
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  • I will forever associate this name with Jodi Foster's 'Sadie' in The Accused :( fwiw, I know no child nor animal named Sadie.
  • It's cute. It's a tad golden retriever for my taste, but it is a cute name.
  • I think of a dog when I hear that name.  Specifically my dog.
  • My nieces name is Sadie - but they spelled it Sadee - which I do not care for.  I like it though spelled the correct way. 

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