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ahhh...yay for underwires!

I never thought I'd be this excited about wearing a bra with an underwire.  But I think I'm dried up finally--boobs are squishy with no hard spots--yay for squishy boobs! teehee!!

Well today the girls were hoisted back up to their "correct" position with an underwire bra (I had avoided them like the plague b/c of all my problems with clogs).  Feels good to have shirts fit better--especially those with a defined bust line--bust now in the line and not below! :)



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Re: ahhh...yay for underwires!

  • Congrats on your boob job! Wink
  • LOL - yay!  The things that you appreciate once you are a mom Big Smile  I never gave up underwire, but I did celebrate the day I put away my nursing bra - I hated that thing!
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  • I traded in my nursing bras for my underwires this past week also!  I was so excited to be wearing a bra that didn't unhook in the front.  They look so much better pulled up into position! 
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  • YAY! Exciting!
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  • narknark member

    Yay boobies!?

    I for one wore a nursing bra for the first time today, as all my regular bras have underwire and are so uncomfortable right now. Go figure.?


  • yay for being back in regular bras!! how exciting...and nark i bought nursing bras towards the end of my pregnancy when i needed bigger bras cuz i figured i'd get a lil use when nursing/pumping.
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