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My fiance is driving me nuts with baby names, I love Caleb and Noah. He hates them!! He loves Emmett..and so does his family and they don't like Caleb or Noah..I don't like Emmett it might be growing on me..but my other son's name is Aiden Ryley..Aiden and Emmett I am just not sure how they go together. I just want a name already! How do you ladies think Emmett and Aiden go together..or if you have anyother ideas feel free to tell them to me :)

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  • I love the name Emmett and I think it goes really well with Aiden!
  • I like Emmett the best of all your options.  I think it goes fine with the sibling's name.
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    i think emmett and aiden go very well together, but if you don't like emmett, then it really doesn't matter.

    i think emmett is cute.  i like noah better than emmett.

  • I love Emmett but I also love Caleb and Noah.  Emmett and Aiden go together just fine. 
  • I'm sorry! I'm with you. Noah and Caleb are fantastic names. I don't care for Emmett either. Some other names we like are Ethan, Wesley, Ian, Sean, Garrett, Trevor, Nathan, Jacob, Ryan, Thomas, Charles, Colin and Owen.?
  • I love Emmett... and Noah is a nice name too.
  • Stylistically, Emmett goes better with Aidan than your other choices. But DH's family's opinion doesn't matter. Only yours and DH's. I would suggest a compromise name that is none of those?
  • It is crazy cause I was 100% kidding around naming Twilight names lol..ah it is growing maybe i just need to find a middle name to go with it?!
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    YOu all need to leave everyone else out of it. Finding a name is hard enough as it is- stop sharing w/ his family or anyone else.

    I like Noah, Caleb is o.k.,  I like Emmett, but.... that's a tricky name.  But I think Emmett and Aiden are fine.

  • I like your choices better but I actually think Emmett sounds best with Ayden.  I do like the name Emmett, just prefer your choices.
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