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Brown Spotting

I just went to the bathroom and had some brown spotting.  I'm at work now and my ob's office is closed.  Should I just take it easy and call them in the morning if it continues? Or should I call and leave a message.  At 5 weeks I don't know if they can see anything anyway. I was planning on doing some heavy duty cleaning tonight. That's definitely out.

 It was brown so I know it's old blood and that's normal.  I'm trying to take some deep breaths.  Any suggestions?

Re: Brown Spotting

  • Brown is old so that is good. Do they have an after hours # you can call to talk to the on-call doctor? I would call that, but they will probably just tell you to take it easy tonight & stay hydrated.

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  • I would try not to freak out. (Easier said then done, huh?) I had some isolated spotting just shy of 7 weeks and the doctor contributed it to implantation.

    There's really no need to call and leave a message. I'd just see how it goes tonight. If it continues and/or increases/changes in color, definitely call tomorrow, but at this point there's not much they can do anyway. Take it easy and relax tonight!

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  • At 5 weeks I'd say that brown spotting is 99% chance of just leftover implantation spotting. I realy wouldn't fret over it a whole lot. Your dr will most definitely just tell you to relax and put your feet up. If it continues though, definitely call!
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  • I am sorry that you have a scare like that. I really don't know what I would do in that situation.

    I think that you should go home, put your feet up and take it easy for the night. 

    Like pp said, there isn't much that they can do but be sure to communicate with them if it changes or persists. 

    I will be thinking about you. 

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  • Sorry you're going through this!  Go home, rest and drink lots of water.  If your dr has an off-hour line I'd call and leave a message.  Keep us posted.  We'll be sending lots of good vibes your way!!
  • Around 5 1/2 wks I had some brown spotting on the TP.  I was very scared, but the bleeding did not start up again, and as of today, everything is going well.  

    Try to rest and drink some water.  You can call your doctor tomorrow and let them know you're concerned.  

    Prayers & a hug coming your way! 

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