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Question about betas

Hi everyone!  I had my first beta draw yesterday at CD 32.  I have no idea when I Oed because I wasn't charting.  I'm thinking it was around CD 12.  My beta today came back 746.  This is a bit lower than it was during previous pregnancy with DD (CD 27 was 219 and CD 29 was 535).  Does 746 still sound about right for being as far along as I am?  Do the numbers vary pregnancy to pregnancy?  I guess I'm just super nervous!


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  • ENevENev
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    Betas can be all over the board. Mine were 1189 at 20 dpo.

    But the important thing is that they're doubling, so just wait til your second number before getting too nervous! Good luck and congrats!

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  • Ditto- I never realized how different betas are between everyone until starting to see what people posted on here. Doubling is the main thing! Don't worry if they seem low, unless your dr. says to be worried. Best wishes!
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