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Best bottles to use for pumping

I'm getting ready to start registering and am totally clueless on which bottles to register for. I'm planning on breastfeeding and want to get the best bottles to pump into that the baby will also be comfortable with. Any recommendations?

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Re: Best bottles to use for pumping

  • We initially registered for the playtex drop-ins and DS took them with no problem but we just switched to the Medela ones so I don't have to juggle different bottles for pumping and feeding. I really like them and so does DS.
  • We use the gerber bottles, the least mess for DS, and they attach to my medela pump perfectly, so I just pump into them.  Bonus:  they are 3 for $2.99 at target!
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  • We were using the Medela bottles, but they leaked. We tried drop ins, but they didn't attach to the pump (which made for a lot of cleaning, because I pumped into one container and poured into the drop ins), and I hated buying the liners. We are now using Dr. Brown's and LOVE them! They attach right the pump!
  • I've been using the basic Evenflo ones.  They fit perfectly on my Ameda pump and are super cheap.
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  • I have the medela PIS and I used the playtex drop ins with the playtex one step kit which attaches the drop ins bottle directly to the pump. So convenient!!
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