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How long should my Lo BF from each breast?

it seems like she stays on each around 15 minutes... but then seems to be hungry shortly after.. [1.5 hour]

am i not feedingher long enough... i only stop because she falls asleep... should i wake her up and encourage her to keep going?

Re: How long should my Lo BF from each breast?

  • When my lil guy was that age it was 1/2 hour on each side and then two hours in between (3 hrs total from start to start). My ped said that was normal. You go at their pace. Now he's at 10 min on each side with still 3-4 hours from start to start but he sleeps through the night.

    I would tickle his neck or lower back every couple of minutes to keep him awake.

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  • Totally normal... 15 minutes, 1.5 hours, falling asleep - all normal!!

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  • My lactation nurse told me a good trick to keep them awake is to rub their for my LO.  She ALWAYS falls asleep mid feed.
  • Until they latch themselves off...Even if they're sleeping the little sucks they do while sleeping give them some milk.  They WILL latch off when they are done.  However, it can help to keep the baby awake and interested if you do breast compressions while you nurse, especially when the baby starts to slow down.
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