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Cerebral Palsy?

Our daughter has a MRI scan scheduled two weeks from now, but upon doing my own research I truly feel she has CP. She can walk, but has a strange gait. She holds her left arm in close to her body, or swings it randomly. She also has weaker muscle tone on her left side and 1/2 a centimeter shorter arm and leg (again, left side). All signs point to a mild form of CP. Sh has a vocab at 19 months of about 20 words, dances, draws/colors, follow instructions well, and seems quite "normal" mentally. She even uses her left hand to do almost everything she does with her right (feeds herself with spoon and fork - even cereal and milk!, throws a ball, etc.)

 I know the MRI will just confirm what I already know, though. I feel it in my heart.

 Does anyone have any experience with this? Especially mild cases? Everything I google has the cases where children can't walk, or need assistance. I think DD is going to need some therapy, but I feel that she can lead a normal life. I guess I am just looking for anyone out there with any advice, or anything at all! I am really at a loss here.



Re: Cerebral Palsy?

  • My cousin has a mild form of CP.  He is 7 and has been wearing a leg brace the past couple of years to help him strengthen and straighten his gait.  Other than that he is totally a normal little guy.

    Good luck with the MRI in a couple weeks.  I hope that you get the results that you expect/want.

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  • I don't have experience with cp, but I do with knowing something's "up" with your kid.  My ds started having apnea spells at 1 month and they looked like seizures to me.  the neurologists kept telling me no, but I insisted on 24+hr eeg. guess who was right?  my point? follow your instincts, i had numerous mds tell me i was wrong.  I am sure a cp diagnosis will automatically make your dd eligible for ei
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  • thanks for the replies. We have met with a neurologist. She wouldn't confirm CP but I will say her line of questioning pointed me to research and discover CP. In hindsight, I feel that she knows it is CP but wants to MRI to confirm. CP doesn't usually show up until a major milestone isn't reached (walking) and even then it can be problematic to diagnose. DD walked at 17 months, which is a bit late but not very late. Her gait and muscle tone and definitelt indicators (to me) that she has CP.

     AB&TB - can I ask if he goes to regular school? any intellectual problems? This is what worries me the most, to be honest.


  • He does go to regular school, and seems very bright (uses big words and asks appropriate questions).  His issues are mostly physical, and he does have some immature emotional things as well...but that could be due to his unstable home situation.
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  • My DS has had a stroke and his right side is significantly damaged as a result.  His muscle tone is different on that side than his left, and he also holds his right arm in more.  He is just now starting to use the right side a lot more, and it's been a year since the stroke. 

    I'll be praying that the MRI provides you with the answers you are seeking.  I just wanted to say that while my son has a host of other issues along with the CP-like symptoms resulting from his stroke (also has a brain tumor and is on chemo), with lots (and lots and lots) of therapy, they expect him to lead a normal life.  Sounds like your child is coming right along despite this potential diagnosis!!  Good luck!

  • Welcome! I don't have a child with CP, but my daughter does have a "strange" gait (she out-toes, has a significant pronation with very flat feet, and her lower legs bow outwards a bit) and her left leg is shorter than her right (although we've had some luck with a chiro adjusting her hips when has lessened the difference), and she favors her right side, which is stronger. She has done very well with therapy - she didn't roll over until 14 months, yet was walking at 18 months!

    A friend of mine has CP (walks only with assistance) and is happily married with 3 kids and is a 5th grade teacher.

    I hope you get some answers soon!

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  • My cousin's little boy (8yrs) has mild CP.  His right foot turns inward when he walks/runs.  He can walk normal but has to think about.  Other than that, he plays sports with his friends and is a typical child.  They also have a 3yr old who does not have CP.
  • I dated a guy with mild CP. His one arm was weaker/underdeveloped. He played baseball though and did it all with one arm -- it was pretty awesome. I think he also had some very mild learning disabilities.
  • I really appreciate these replies.

     I am trying to make sense of all of this and hearing positive stories is REALLY helping me deal right now.

  • Hello!  I have a very mild form of CP due to a lack of oxygen during birth- my CP affects my right side (basically everything you described with your daughter but on my right side).  I had to do a ton of PT when I was younger to strengthen my muscles, and had to wear a brace but other than that, wasnt too bad.  School was ok, had a tough time with abstract concepts (hated math!) but did well, graduated from a university with a special ed degree and have been teaching for the past 13 years.  My coordination isn't the most graceful at times but I've never felt there wasnt anything I couldn't do.  I'm married and have a 9 month old daughter....what I'm trying to say is that ANYTHING is possible for your daughter...it just may take a different path than you were originally hoping for.  I diont have any other words of wisdom but if you want to ask me anything specific go for it!


  • My brother (who is adopted) has a mild form of CP.  He walks with a slight  limp and his right hand is very weak.   He's not the fastest runner in the world, but he was always able to play like a kid with average abilities.  He's compensated for his right hand weakness by learning to do a lot things one-handed or with minimal support from his right (he can't use his right for fine motor things, but he can use it to help pick up something). 

    My brother is mildly retarded, as well - but the doctors believe it is unrelated to his CP and rather came as a result of a later brain injury.

     Best of luck of luck with everything. 

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