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pumping question

I am going back to work next week, ( ::heart breaks:: ) and I will need to pump 3x per day.  I usually pump 2-3oz per breast, and I have 2  sets of 5oz collection bottles.  Can I pump into one bottle, refrigerate, and then just re-attach the bottle at my next pumping session to fill the bottle, or should I get an extra set of collection bottles?  Is there any issue with the milk being different temperatures?

Also, what do you wear to work?  Is your entire wardrobe button-down blouses or do you just get naked to pump?


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Re: pumping question

  • just buy extra collection bottles. They are cheap and well worth it. I have enough for 3 days actually so I don't have to wash every single day.

    I wear mainly knit tops and just pull them up.

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  • I pump into the collection bottles and then transfer them to a larger bottle.  I store everything in the fridge until it is time to pump again.

     I just usually pull up my shirt to pump regardless of whether it is button-down or not.



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  • As I understand it, you should only combine milk that is the same temp, so no - I would not re-attach a cold bottle and pump more warm milk into it. Get more bottles and refrigerate them for a while before combining.



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