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It's a Boy! Narrowing the Name Field

We found out today it's another boy! So, I cleared out all of the girl names on my name list and added a few other boy names. I also cleared out the votes for all of the names for a fresh look.


I'm open to suggestions as well. I prefer something that sounds if not British good with a British surname. My son is Colin James.

I like names that aren't popular (by quantity) or particularly trendy (as in a name that's not got huge numbers yet but is very "stylish" like Beckett), but yet isn't totally out there. I don't expect my boys to be particularly sports-oriented so no room for dorky names.

Other middle names not on the list (all family names) are Mansfield, Dillon, Vaughan, Harrison, Wilson.

Re: It's a Boy! Narrowing the Name Field

  • Voted :)

    I love Harrison!

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  • I voted.

    I love, love, love Garrett Charles!?

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  • I love all of them besides Gareth.  We have very similar tastes - all of these are on my list!
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  • I love Harrison too but DH doesn't like alliterative first and last. Thus a potential MN. :)
  • MrsCFBMrsCFB member
    out of your choices, i like grant, spencer, oliver, and everett.   
  • I really like Everett and Garrett. I like Grant and Graham. I don't like the name Spencer b/c it reminds me of the hideous human being that is Spencer Pratt...yuck...


  • i love all of your names except for spencer. i can't help but think of pratt when i hear this name now. i looove everett, oliver, vaughan, dillon, harrison, or grant!
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  • Love Grant and Everett!
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  • Very handsome names - I like Gareth Charles, Graham Wheeler & Oliver Charles best.

    Unless it's a family name, not a fan of Everett.

    And, Spencer Charles is a tad too Spencer-Churchill for my taste.

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  • I like Grant the best :)
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  • I love Harrison and just asked DH about it last night.  I also like Beckett and Bennett and of course, my son, Breckin.
  • Beckett, Harrison, Grant are my favs...all sound nice with Colin :)
  • I voted Everett.  I wanted that name on our short list but DH won't consider it.  Good luck!
  • erinmserinms member

    Harrison or Dillon would be cute first names.

    I also like Grant, Spencer, Oliver and Graham on your list.

    Good luck, two boys will be so fun. ?Do you have the Dangerous Book for Boys? ?I was reading it today to my little guy, looking forward to the time when he can actually understand it!?

  • I like all, except Spencer. Spencer is really dorky in my mind.

    I love Gareth, Garret, and most especially Oliver. 

  • I voted very cute names.
  • Thanks for the opinions!
  • Graham and Grant are my choices. And I LOVE Vaughan. I begged DH to allow Vaughn to be on our possibilities list but he wasn't having it.
  • I love Oliver!
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  • I voted! I really like Graham, Harrison, and Beckett.  I love Beckett. It is on my name list at the moment.  Really good selections! And congrats on another boy :)
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