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Hughes.. it's June 30!

Today is June 30, the end of your no eating out challenge right? Are you guys going out to celebrate tomorrow night?

Re: Hughes.. it's June 30!

  • must have missed my earlier post from the weekend.

    We only made it 27 days! We were out on at the mall on Saturday, and got beckoned by one of our fave Mexican restaurants. We knew that my parents were coming the next day, and had insisted that we meet them, and my brother & SIL in Durham for dinner, so we figured it was time. hehe.

    And man, those chips and salsa and fountain Diet Coke were good! Yes

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  • I did miss that post sorry!  But 27 days is AWESOME.. we are cutting way back but I can't bring myself to challenge ourselves to a whole month..heck even 2 weeks of no eating out would be tough!
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  • It was tough! And, I have to admit, since Saturday, we've eaten out 4 times. D'oh! Trying not to fall back into our old ways, but not doing so well so far!

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  • that sounds like us.. we'll do really good all week then fall off the wagon on the weekends.
  • 27 days is so great!! My goal is to cut back to only once a week, it is Tuesday and so far so good Wink I know we will blow it this weekend though. I am so impressed you all made it that long!
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