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SBMBride, Stormi, & Femme

You've all got email with pics from this weekend. My camera is officially dead thanks to it's dunk in the bay but I was able to download the photos from the GTG. Hope to see you all again soon!

Re: SBMBride, Stormi, & Femme

  • I saw them and love them. Thanks!! I was hoping to have an actual picture of Marino in the water. I'm sorry about your camera:( I saw on amazon last night they make an underwater cover for a bunch of the canon point and shoot cameras (the cover is only $28)...I'm thinking of getting one after your experience on Saturday.

    Is Nicholas feeling better?

  • He's feeling a bit better. His temperature has gone down over the past couple of days but he's a little congested and snotty. I'm going to take him to the doctor tomorrow just to get checked. I don't want to put it off then over the weekend he gets to feeling really bad and we have to wait at urgent care or the ER.

    I love a couple of the pics with Marino and Nicholas showing off their big bellys, it cracks me up! 


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  • Thank you :-) I love the pictures, you have some great shots of our kids! I hope Nicholas feels better soon... Natalie was diagnosed with an ear infection today :(

    Use this as an excuse to get DH to upgrade your camera, lol.

    Hope to see you ladies again soon...

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