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I was just curious if you got any news about you DS.  How did his EEG turn out?  If you don't mind me asking, what Pedi Neuro are you going to and out of what hospital?  Hope things are looking up!

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  • We'll get our EEG results on Thursday. His MRI was normal and so ?was his eye exam. We have to do some blood work then too because DS is a bit on the floppy side (though not too bad, he's rolling belly to back and can hold his head up on his tummy really well) and they want to check for some other things. I'm a bit nervous about all of this (I'm a special ed teacher) because I've got some not-so-optimistic thoughts running through my head.?

    DH is military so we go to the National Naval Medical Center for his regular pedi and Walter Reed for the neuro. We've been very pleased with the care he's received. ?

    Thanks for thinking of us! ?

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