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Rear Facing Car Seat?

I thought you could turn the car seat forward facing when your DC is one year old or 22 pounds? Has this changed? I saw a couple of you in the post below still have your DC rear facing. My nanny said she saw something on Good Morning America that you may now have to keep your DC rear facing until they are 4, have any of you heard this?

Ashley has been ff for a long time, do I need to turn her back around? She is going to absolutely hate it. I think she is around 25 pounds, but will know for sure at her two year appointment. 


Re: Rear Facing Car Seat?

  • DD is still RFing because last we knew she still wasn't 20lbs. I think she is now but at this point I am going to wait till she is 2. Our pedi recommended keeping her RF till she was closer to 2.
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  • The law is 1 year and 20 lb.  But now they are recommending keeping them RF until they are 2.  RF until the limits of the seat is safest, but legally it's ok at 1 year and 20 lb.  So it's really up to you.  Technically we're all safer RF.  We turned Eli forward at 16 months because I was having trouble getting him strapped down tight RF because his legs are so long.  He's 24 lb. 

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  • Great, thanks so much! I will ask my pedi about it at her appointment, but I think we will just keep her the way she is until then. Thanks!
  • At Ashley's age, I'd probably just leave her forward facing! :)
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  • We've still been RF b/c it is supposed to be much safer b/c in a head on collision if they are FF it can snap their neck and it's much better to take the impact in a RF position.  Cam's been RF until I just turned her around to re-install her carseat in my Pilot.  I talked to the fireman about it and given her weight at 28 lbs he was o.k. with it.  She gets pretty fussy in the car sometimes and it really distracts me from driving so I thought it was best at this point for us to turn her FF at least in my car, b/c she spends the most time in mine.  She's still RF in our Pacifica and my mom's car but I may turn those in the next month or two.  

    It's one of those things that's a personal choice after they turn 1 and hit 20 lbs. 

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