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Need help finding shoes for Emma

Emma is finally (mostly) walking now!  She has a few pair of shoes but they are flip-flops and crocs. Her daycare asked if I had any other shoes for her, because when she goes on the playground the sand gets in her crocs.  So I went to Stride-rite looking for her 1st pair of "walking" shoes yesterday, but they really didn't have much to choose from in her size. They were basically all sandals or sneakers.  I remember when my brothers were little (over 20 yrs ago!) they just had plain white leather lace-up shoes as their first pair. I got talked into buying a $48 pair of pink leather sneakers.  When I told my mom, she said that was ridiculous and I should bring them back.  So, now I need to go back to the mall tomorrow :(   I don't know where else to look.  A co-worker suggested Sears or JC Penney.

Ugh...I never thought this would be so difficult!

Re: Need help finding shoes for Emma

  • What size does she wear? Target had a lot of cute walkers with softer soles. They are in the normal shoe department.
  • They have the plain ole white leather lace ups at Wal-mart.  I saw them yesterday.  Anyways, we get most of Connor's shoes at Payless or K-Mart (before they redid their shoe dept.)  I see no reason to pay an arm and a leg for shoes that he will only wear for a few months or wear into the ground like he has done his current pair of tennis shoes.  Good Luck with the hunt.  I know it can be difficult!
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  • I've gotten some fabulous shoes at Land's End - cute Mary Jane sneakers, etc. - and on sale, they were around $5 per pair with free shipping!
  • imagesms297:
    What size does she wear? Target had a lot of cute walkers with softer soles. They are in the normal shoe department.


    The girl at Stride Rite measured her as a 4 1/2 and said I should buy a size 5 so she can grow into them.  They looked a bit too big though and I'm afraid she will trip.  I did look at target (before she was measured) and did not find much in the size I thought she was - size 3

  • Our Target has a TON of cute girl's shoes.  And I think once they're in a 5 it's a different "section", so they may have more of a selection if you shop for that size.  Eli is just growing into a 4, and the baby boy's section is almost non-existent.  But once you move up to a 5 they have alot more.

    I have also seen the white lace up shoes at Walmart.  They have some cute girls shoes too.  If your DD doesn't have feet that are hard to fit, I wouldn't bother with shoes from Stride Rite or anything else expensive, as long as they're soft and flexible.


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  • Thanks for your input and suggestions ladies! 
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