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Interfaith baby ceremonies?

Any interfaith couples (particularly Catholic/Christian and Jewish) out there? My husband and I are interested in seeking out interfaith options for our baby (i.e., a bris/baptism for a boy, or baby-naming/baptism for a girl). We don't know what we're having yet, but we want to start planning a scenario for either gender. I'm just looking for some resources -- books, articles, local moyles (sp?) or rabbis and hopefully open-minded Catholic priests that might be willing to provide their services in an interfaith ceremony for a baby. I've googled away, and there are tons of forums online, but nothing specific to the DC area (plus, all the opinions out there are getting to be overwhelming to read!). Any ideas or resources you can point out would be so great! Thank you!

Re: Interfaith baby ceremonies?

  • We did that (I'm Jewish and my DH is Catholic). We had a naming ceremony for our son and he was circumcised at the hospital (Insurance covered it and my rabbi actually recommended it). 

    We use Rabbi Kenneth Block ( He's awesome and I totally credit him for saving our relationship (when we were dating we thought the religion thing would really get in the way). He's incredibly open as well to all faiths.

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  • Thanks for the referral on Rabbi Kenneth Block! I will definitely look into him. That was sort of my other thought too about the circumsizing and whether or not insurance would cover it if it were to be done outside the hospital. Sounds like he is pretty open-minded and embraces interfaith couples. Arguing over religious ceremonies is the last thing I want to do with my husband, but finding something that will make both sides of our families happy is my goal. Now it's just a matter of finding a Catholic priest that will cool with the whole thing! :-)
  • You are going to have a very hard time finding a priest. My husband was looking around and Rabbi Block's good friend (who is a priest) wouldn't do it because our child is not being raised with any one religion. Our son is being raised right now to know both religions. However, Rabbi Block did bring holy water and my husband did our son's baptism and I gave him a Jewish name and did some prayers.

    I actually just booked Rabbi Block for our daughter's naming ceremony (she isn't born yet but I'm trying to be on the ball). :-)

     Good luck!

  • We are doing DD's baby naming ceremony at her first birthday party. Someone on here reccommended Rabbi Kenneth Block, but he wasn't available for the day we needed. He had suggested some other people to do the ceremony and we are using Cantor Sharon Steinberg.
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