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Contemporary Women's Health?

Is this the right info for Contemporary Women's Health near Rockville MD? I tried the phone number but it doesn't seem to work. Does anyone here use this practice? I'm thinking of changing practices (even though it's a little late...) Thanks!


Contemporary Women's Health
10215 Fernwood Rd Ste 501, Contemporary Womens Hlth

Bethesda, MD


Phone: (301) 897-9817
Fax: (301) 897-0832

Re: Contemporary Women's Health?

  • address and phone number are both right, i dont know their fax off the top of my head. And I really like them, so good choice!
  • they are right near Montgomery Mall. I have been going to the practice for 10+ years and I really, really like them. I had a great delivery experience and was really happy with our care. Are you going to see Dr. Gschwend or Dr.Kleinerman?
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  • I'm not sure which ... any recommendations? Which doctor do you see?

    They told me that someone outside the practice could end up delivering the baby - did that happen to either of you?

     Which hospital(s) do they deliver at?

    Thanks so much!

  • I see Dr Gschwend (2 thumbs up), and I'll be delivering at Sibley. Their call schedule does include a few docs who are in solo practice also I believe...
  • They only deliver at Sibley. I always saw Dr. Gschwend and really, really like him. I have read on some other boards that some women don't like him because he can come across as sort of aloof/cold. I think he is sort of shy and he is very straight forward. He has a good sense of humor and his staff really like him. If you ask a question- just be prepared for a very, matter of fact honest no beating around the bush answer. But I like that and really appreciated it when I ended up in the hospital for problems at 34 weeks. I only saw Dr. Kleinerman once in the office and she is definitely the more chatty one. Dr. Kleinerman ended up doing my c-section and she was great.

    There is another practice that they partner with for on-call hours and since I was in the hospital twice- I got to meet all of them and I really likes them as well. It was Drs. Bridges, Newman, Picco and Bajaj.  

    Sorry so long. Please let me know if you have any questions.  

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