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Zofran for toddlers...question...


I'm not sure this is the most appropriate place to post this, but I figured most of us on here deal with medication issues frequently.  My oldest was prescribed Zofran yesterday due to vomitting for 4-5 days (on and off).  They are tablets that melt under the tongue.  I am having such a hard time getting him to take them.  Was wondering if I could dissolve it in water and use a medicine syringe to give it to him?

 Thoughts? TIA!

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Re: Zofran for toddlers...question...

  • Dont know about the dissolvable, but DD took the generic of Zofran LIQUID a month or so ago. It really worked well. 

    I have done what you stated with Prevacid, but it tended to get stuck in the tube and not dissolve well. 

  • crush it and mix it in with a tablespoon of applesauce (if the tummy will tollerate it).  How old is DS?  He might take it from a spoon if you dissolve it with a little water.  My DD#2 has been taking medicine from a spoon since 11 months old. Or if it tastes horrible try mixing it with a small amount of pedialyte or one of those pedialyte pops and crush it so its like a slushy.  GL though. Getting some children to take medicine can be fairly difficult.

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  • They do make it in a liquid form if you think your DC would take it better that way.  DS takes it for nausea from chemo and we use the liquid kind.

  • Ditto breezy-- my youngest is on the dissolving tablets of Prevacid, and at first I tried dissolving in water and using a syringe (per the pedi and the pharmecist's recommendations). The tablet breaks down in water but doesn't dissolve, and the little particles would get stuck on the sides of the syringe or clog up the opening. You should also check before crushing the pill and adding it to anything-- the Prevacid specifically says not to crush or chew the tablet, not sure if the Zofran might be different.

    What HAS worked for me is to put the tablet on the tip of my finger and put about 3-4 drops of water from a syringe on it. That softens the tablet, but doesn't break it down. I then put it in DS's mouth. 

    Good luck, and hope your little one is feeling better soon!

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