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Cauble&Rausch? Other Reston OBs?

We're coming home to VA next month (yippee!) and I've decided that I am not going to go back to Perfectly Female, due to the changes there (though I was happy with them when they delivered DD).    I'm not super picky - I don't want a lot of hand holding, and I am content with conventional medicine.  But I have a history of pre-e and post-partum hypertension, so experience is really important.  I also can't stand long waits for appointments.  I have the Cauble & Rausch practice on my list.  Do they sound like a good fit?  Who else?  Tell me why you love your OB that delivers at Reston Hospital!

Re: Cauble&Rausch? Other Reston OBs?

  • I don't have any recs, but just wanted to say welcome back!
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  • My SIL went to Cauble & Raush... she saw Dr. Rausch and was happy.  My SIL wanted to have a natural delivery, but, because of the baby's positioning and some weird lab work results, wound up having a C-section. 

    I have met Dr. Rausch (not as a patient...) and, she's really nice.

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  • I just switched to Cauble & Rausch and love them. I had been going to the same OB since I was 20 years old and didn't want to change, but we moved and it just wouldn't have been convenient. I'm actually very happy that I made the switch. Good luck with your search and whoever you chose.
  • Yay!!!!!! So happy to have you all back!
  • I went there for years, only saw Dr. Cauble and I loved her. When I got pg with DD1 I saw Dr Rausch and had such bad experiences over the first few visits (complications so this was all from weeks 4-6 of pg) that I left and went to PF, which I have since left. I still liked Dr Cauble and I think that Dr Patel from PF has since joined Cauble and Rausch. My new practice delivers at Loudoun.
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  • Women Physicians of Northern VA.

    I see Dr. Ivey Crowe and love her. Can't wait to deliver in Reston Hosp!

    Good Luck!

  • Thanks for the feedback all!

    And NowDNA and AWS -- thanks for the welcome!  :-) 

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