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And Round 3 Starts

AF arrived this morning.  I suppose I should be happy that she came back only one day after stopping prometrium.

Third time's a charm??  We'll see :-)



Re: And Round 3 Starts

  • I'm sorry round 2 didn't work out as planned... but round 3 was the charm for us both times, so I'm crossing my fingers for you!!

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  • good luck  with try #3.  It was lucky #3 for us too so fingers crossed!  Sending sticky thoughts.
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  • wow - we certainly have a good precedent for round #3!

    good luck hon!!

  • Come on #3!!!

    Meegs and ssg have paved the way - now if the rest of us can just get our bfns in 3 tries....!  Smile

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  • I hope the cycle 3 winning streak continues with you. Good luck!
  • ours was the third try.

    of course, that was with the second donor so 6th try overall, but still. just had to throw that in there...

  • Good Luck, J!! ::fingers crossed for you::

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