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Anyone out there have experiences with Pediatrics of Arlington?  We are looking for a ped. and have heard good things about Drs Casey, Lischwe, Goldman, Kim, Garrett, and Pease.  Any other recommendations in Arlington?  I am sorting through the board now to find old posts that might be helpful.  We are interested in a practice that is not overly-conservative, perhaps has open vaccination schedules, and is not too quick to treat every illness.  TIA!

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  • I don't know anything about that practice (sorry!) but I just have to say that you look fabulous rockin' that bikini!!  I was a WHALE when I was pg. Ick.

    For another pedi rec, although it's in Falls Church, I love where I take my son- Northern Virginia Pediatrics.  We see Dr. Baldrate and she is awesome.  She agreed to a delayed vax schedule and is not quick to treat at all. Love her!!

  • you look amazing! I am interested in them as well, we are also going to see NOVA peds and sleepy Hollow.

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  • I'm also looking right now and am interested in the responses- particularly doctors with very flexible/long office hours if possible. Thanks!
  • Another vote for Northern Virginia Pediatrics. We see Dr. Kelly and adore her. I find them very laid back and happy to work with what the parent feel is important, while not hesitating to give good advice. I couldn't be happier with their office and our care there.
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  • We go to Capital Area Pediatrics (Dr. Lee).  We live in Arlington and the office is right across the Arlington border on Lee Highway in Falls Church.  They're open until 8pm weeknights and have office hours on weekend mornings for sick children - Saturday at this office and Sunday at their Herndon location.  We do the standard vaccination schedule so I've never asked about alternatives.
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