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Integrated Preschool Question

Jack had a screening to see if he needed an evaluation for integrated preschool.  Their results were that he passed the test (which was about 10 minutes) and did not need further evaluation.  I think he does (especially becasue he sees a private OT and had a neuropsyc. test stating that he does).

One thing I noticed before the screening was that they brought over a different chair for him.  Instead of having him sit in the usual plastic school chair (with no sides), they had him side in one of those lakeshore wooden chairs that has sides on it.  I believe this is an accomodation because the chair is helping keep him contained with the sides.  Shouldn't they not have given him this for a screening?  Is this a reason for me to give on why I want him tested further?

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Re: Integrated Preschool Question

  • My concern would be less about the chair and more about the fac tthat it was a measly 10 minute eval. 


    All of our evals have been about 45 minutes.  I just don't see how they could tell much in 10 minutes. 

  • This sounds more like a screening than a formal evaluation. When we went through the process, the evaluation lasted at least 1 hr, there were 2-3 different therapists/special educators assesing and taking notes, and the results were not discussed with us afterwards. I believe it is federal (could be Ma state law) that results of evaluations must be mailed within a certain time frame and then a meeting must be sch. to review the results.

    The chair you mention is an accomodation my son currently has as part of his IEP as an attention strategy. I don't think they should have sat him in this during the assesment or whatever this was.

    I'd ask some questions. HTH. Sorry about the length. 


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