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NBR: Bridezilla's

I am taking advantage of Jocelyn napping really well today and nesting and watching Bridezilla's. I swear this is fake. I just can't believe what these woman are doing. I have a hard time truly thinking a grown woman could act this way. Smashing cakes, throwing flowers, demanding $30,000 rings. Ugh. Who behaves like that.



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Re: NBR: Bridezilla's

  • Yeah, that chick was NUTS!  She was one of the worst on that show that I'd seen before - throwing a real fit and smashing the cake/throwing flowers. 
  • Yeah, her episode seemed really staged!!!!

    Katie, Duke Gardens, 6months


    Zach, Duke Gardens, 6months


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  • DH and I used to LOVE that show. We used to watch it all the time before we got married....then it got so over the top that we quit watching. I'm pretty sure the drama on the newer ones is staged. The old ones were great--you could tell those chicks were just royal b*tches IRL...the newer ones, with their dress ripping and cake smashing, are just too over-dramatized and take away from the fun! hehe...

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