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uh oh...we have a stair climber

Tonight Scott showed interest for the very first time in our stairs.  I'm actually surprised he didn't notice them sooner.  Well, he is now obsessed with trying to climb EVERYTHING!  He has totally mastered the stairs unfortunately--except of course for getting down them.  He thinks he can climb on and over just about everything and is so excited and proud of himself. Yikes!  I swear he is fearless!!!

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Re: uh oh...we have a stair climber

  • luckily we dont have stairs at our house but my parents do and he has conquered them there and thats all he ever wants to do when we are there now...and he will get to the top and turn around liek okay i'm ready to climb down...from the sounds of things it takes a lil while to teach them to go down the stairs! good luck and im with ya on having a fearless lil one!
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  • Great skill for Scott to master -- scarey for mom and dad though!  I still get freaked out when Natalie wants to go up the stairs.  We finally had to get a gate at the bottom because she constantly goes right to them to start climbing up.  We need to start teaching her to climb down safely!
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