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what is ur DC behavior like...

what is ur DC behavior like in crowded places? and what is ur DC diagnosis? ive kinda wondered about my DC social development( he does have delays in speech/social dev).. wonder if its something else.. or just a behavioral issue... i dont know how to disipline him! he will be 2 july 31st... He throws an aweful fit if he does not get his way...... throws himself on the floor kicking and screaming, bites himself to the point where he leaves marks on his skin, runs into the wall/doors, throws his head back and hits it on the floor.... he will not sit still! i watch everyone elses children his age sitting nicely with their parents, or being held nicely, and he just runs away or arches his back if ur holding him, screams while in the stroller... i dont know what to do! time outs dont seem to work, i ignore the fits and yes he will quit, but it doesnt stop him from doing it later.....im at my wits end...help me!

Re: what is ur DC behavior like...

  • My son is 19 months, he will be 2 in November.

    I'd say in the last month we have started tantrums. He will smack his mouth, scream and cry. They are no as extreme as you are describing and only last 1-2 min. The only thing that worries me is when he smacks himself but that is only once in awhile ( however very embarassing), apparently I did this as a kid.....

    Does he like to be held/cuddled ever? My son can be very lovey when he is in the mood but if he is being "difficult" does not want to be held. Same with stroller, sometimes he's great, sometimes he just wants to get out. ?

    Good luck, I know it's frustrating!?

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