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preeclampsia and natural birth

has anyone ever had pre-e and still had a natural birth? I had it for my first pregnancy, towards the end, and am just preparing that I will have it again.  But, would like to try the hypnobabies method of having a natural labor.  My friend just had her daughter with this method, and she made it sound effortless. Um..this is not how my first labor was, but wanted to at least give it a try.  Any suggestions or recommendations would help.  I am sticking with my OB and not going with a midwife, in case the pre-e comes back this pregnancy. 

Re: preeclampsia and natural birth

  • Try the 0-6 board to see if some of those mommies know.  You'd probably get more answers then on here.
  • I did. Pre-E and hypnobabies w/ 2 natural childbirths. I was worried that they would induce me toward the end but for me, both pregnancies I made it to my 38w appt before they wanted induction. Both times I said I would like them to strip my membraines first and give me 48 hrs. Luckily, both times my cervix was favorable and I went into labor on my own within that time. And the hypnobabies recordings helped a lot. Not pain free by any stretch but every time a dr or nurse came in the room during labor they would ask if I was sleeping. Uh no but being relaxed was definitely a help with the pain and the blood pressure! Other than that make sure your dr is on board w/ the fact that you are planning a natural birth and would like to exhaust natural means of induction when it is neccessary (and if it is possible). Hope this helps!
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  • this helps alot!! Thank you so much!
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