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Northboro area pediatricians?

I need to start looking for one.  My dr recommended a few but would love to hear about yours!
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Re: Northboro area pediatricians?

  • We use Southborough Medical in Southborough and have Dr. Adibe. I like her and the practice - they are open all weekend for urgent care.

  • Dr. Susan Shawver Matthews at the Fallon Clinic in Westboro is amazing. I used to see her every once in awhile when my pediatrician wasn't on duty (this was only like 3 or 4 years ago), and she was absolutely wonderful. I should also add that my sister and I both used to travel about 45 mins. to Westboro when we were sick because the doctors there were so good. My mother worked within the Fallon Health Community for years, and Dr. Shawver Matthews comes highly recommended!
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