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I have a question of out pure curiousity.  One of the doctors Annabugg and I share is due around the same time as you as in within a few days because she and I were within a few days.

She is still working full call weekends, weeknights, doing c/s, etc.

Overall she seems to be doing amazing but do you guys get to rest at all?  Like if you are on call for a weekend or something?

This is just something I've wondered since I've made a couple of trips to the hospital and try to always know who is on call just in case I have to go back.


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  • My life is way different from other doctors (especially OB). I work shift work and take no call. When I'm at home, no one calls me. I just go in and work my 8 hour shift (sometimes turns into 9 hours) and then go home. Bad thing for me is working rotating shifts (7-3, 3-11, 11-7, 12-9) so I sometimes work at night and sleep during the day. I actually do better on nights than having to be at work at 7 am. I also have to work weekends and holidays. I work about 16-18 eight hour shifts a month. I try to get a 10 minute break to eat, but usually am running around the whole 8 hours. I keep snacks and a huge water bottle at my desk.

    OB doctors tend to have certain days of the week they operate and other days for office hours. Then they take call every few days or once a week. Different groups do it differently. When they're on call they can be up all night. . .no rest. They generally work their schedule so the day after call they don't have scheduled surgery or office hours so they can rest that day. I didn't want to take call my whole life, which is a huge part of why I chose my specialty. I took call in med-school and residency and it's just exhausting! ?Some groups now have a few doctors that do all the night and weekend stuff, so everyone is on a set schedule.

    sorry for the long answer.?

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  • That makes sense.  I was just wondering.  It sounds exhausting but I guess you know that going into the profession.  Interesting.
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