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Amusing promotion at Great Beginnings

I don't know whether this is a short-term thing or not.  We went up there today to order the baby's furniture and if you buy three pieces of furniture, you can save 15% on the most expensive piece if you sing 30 seconds of karaoke.  Very random, but hey - pretty easy in therms of ways to save $$! :)
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Re: Amusing promotion at Great Beginnings

  • They were doing this about 2 weeks ago when I was just looking around up there! It was pretty funny.  Was it only 15% on the most expensive piece?  I thought it was your whole order.  Anyway, still a good deal! :)   And it was pretty funny!
  • Its true!! It happened to me about a month ago! I went in and bodly asked the manager for a discountH like other stores. At first he said it was because they didn't have to and then he paused and asked me what would I do for a discount? He asked if I would sing a lullaby. I busted out with "you are my sunshine" and he gave me 20% off the price of my crib! I think his name is Brian...he's a part owner. I didn't think it was a promotion- it just kind of happened and everybody was cracking up laughing at me. I could care less. I got $150 off my Munire crib.
  • Do you have to sing loudly, for customers to hear, or just for the manager/salesperson? We don't actually need to order furniture, but that sounds hilarious!

    So, QueSrah, what did you sing?

  • A few customers heard me singing as they walked by, but luckily the microphone on the karaoke machine didn't seem to be working too well ;)

    I picked She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain.  And totally didn't realize that some of the notes are completely out of my range - it was a baaaaad rendition!

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  • what? that's crazy...especially because I got 20% off my most expensive piece of furniture (of 3) last fall and I didn't have to do jack crap. not sure what singing karaoke does for them....other than entertain the other customers :-)
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