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Cloth Diapers???

I was watching "Dirty Jobs" a few weeks ago and one of the episodes was based on cloth diapers. The guy on the show (sorry, my memory is GONE and I can't remember his name) went around in a truck collecting used diapers from clients and traded a bag a clean diapers for a bag of dirty diapers. Does anyone know of any kind of service like this in the Boston area? I'm actually in Marlborough...

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  • Do you mean a diaper service? Off the top of my head, there aren't many around . . . not sure about your area, but I couldn't find one for the Merrimack Valley. However, it is super easy to cloth diaper without a service. The start up cost can be a little high, but there are some great sites for good deals on CD's. Honestly, I think doing it yourself by laundering the diapers every night (or every other night) is better than having to hang onto them for a service to pick them up once a week.
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     I am in Worcester. Sadly the closest one to us is in Deerfield which is a little too far. I launder all the diapers myself once every three days. Washing isnt bad, just be sure to follow the manufacters directions. For my diapers I was once in cold with detergent ( ALL Free & Clear, or Trader Joes liquid) then a hot wash with an extra rinse cycle. Then I put them in the dryer on low. ( hang dry the diaper covers)

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  • I am Donna, owner of the Deerfield diaper service.  I advertise on this site.  My service is .  Depending on when you are having your baby, my goal is to start a new route going through Bolton, Shrewsbury, Marlborough, Framingham and get into the Norwood, Stoughton, Westwood areas by August.  Just this week, I received 4 phone calls from potential clients in this area.  Never have I had such bundle of calls in an area I don't cover.  It means committing another day to driving but I am up for it.  Until the route gets enough clients the weekly cost will be higher than the prices on my website for this area only.70 diapers will be $21.00 weekly.  Worcester may also be viable once this route gets underway.  I am not familiar with the roadways through all of these areas and I prefer to keep routes to a 7 mile per customer limit.  Until I get the route to 30 customers it will cost me more in time and travel than my other routes. But I really believe I can get this toute to 15 families by the end of July and my targetted first drive is for the week of July 20. Any interest please call, even if you aren't due until the fall or winter. I started and have operated this service since September of 1990.
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