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Looking for playgroup, Mebane/Burlington/Graham/Elon

going to be a SAHM home for now, not sure how long. Just got laid off.

looking to still socialize my DS with other children. Didn't know if there was a playgroup set up.

Please let me know, I'd love to meet up.

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Re: Looking for playgroup, Mebane/Burlington/Graham/Elon

  • Sadly to my knowledge there aren't really any mommies on here from that area.  They seem to be spread between CLT, the Triad, and Triangle.

    There are some in GSO who go to playgroup I think and the closest in the Triangle to where you are might be like Cary?

    Hopefully someone will speak up and tell me I'm wrong but I'm from that area prior to living where I live now and haven't noticed anyone on this board who lives there.

    There is a girl on the national boards I've noticed by the name of Bethie something who just had a little girl I think?

  • Unfortunately I think Pirate is right- most of the gtgs are either in the Triangle or the Triad, there may be some in Charlotte as well. We do a statewide gtg 1-2 times a year, but that won't help you on a weekly basis!

    I joined a SAHM group via meetup.com, so you might want to look there. There were lots of groups to choose from in the Triangle, so I'm sure there is something that would be close to you too!

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  • I was just looking on meetup.com at someone's suggestion.  I did see a group for the Mebane/Hillsborough area.  Are you in Mebane?  I used to teach there (Eastern Alamance).
  • I'm in Graha, but Mebane's 10 mins from me.

    I'll check out meetup

    I know Bethie- she did just have a girl, she's 3 weeks old. Looking for toddlers to hang out with.

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