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Maternity/Newborn photographer

Could you refer me to an affordable maternity/newborn photographer?I've seached the nest and the prices seem pretty high. Also, I would love to find one who has a package that includes the digital images, but it seems impossible to find.


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  • Gosh, I just read your siggy. I'm so sorry for your loss. I had my son at 32 weeks due to HELLP. How are things going with this pregnancy? I hope all is well!

    I'm going to send you a pm about an affordable photographer (who gives you all the digital images).

  • We go to Tom Duffy in Chantilly...I like him but he is $$$$ IMO

    we spent $575 for the 3 month we have 4 more to go...I am not gonna be able to do that every timeCrying

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  • A fellow nestie, jenair, is building up her photography business.  Great images, digital (with rights), super fun to work with.  Go to
  • Thanks everybody!
  • try  i believe this is her website.. if not then just google bonniehorseman. she's in the loudoun county area but works just about anywhere.. she's fabulous.. her daughter was one of my students this year!
  • I love Julie Zitin.  Gives all digital images, very affordable, offers discount if you book both maternity and newborn together.  She's young, she's sweet, she's a great photographer, AND she's got a 1 yr old, so she totally knows what we're going through.  I found her through a rec here too.


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