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I see you around!!!  Hey - how are you feeling??? Looks like everything is going well, congrats!

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  • Hi!! I've had some down time at work and not much to do at home, so i've been online more :)  Things are going great with this pg so far, its funny, I was actually going to page you b/c I finally made an appt with the OB group that you suggested awhile ago for this coming Monday..I'm very excited, and happy to leave my current practice which I dislike a lot. We went to an optional u/s place to find out the sex (b/c we are very impatient!) and found out we are having a boy, so the shopping has officially begun!

     How are things with  you? Alex is SO cute, and getting so big...I love your sig. pics.

    M/C #1 BFP 5/26/08, missed m/c discovered 9w1d (blighted ovum) M/C #2 BFP 11/19/08, missed m/c discovered at 12w1d (triploidy) BFP!! 3/27 Due date 12/5/09 Benjamin Tate is here! Born 12-1-09, 9lbs 5oz, 22" via C-Section M/C #3: d/x ectopic, methotrexate given 2/11 BFP!! 7/12, due 3-21-12
  • CONGRATS on your lil man!  Boys are so much fun.  Good Luck with boys clothes - you dont find the selection like you will for little girls.  My fav stores are Childrens Place (they have kick a$$ sales) and Old Navy.

    Which OB Group - Providence Womens Care?  I know I have suggested them before and I love them.   Dr Arronte is my Dr, but all of them there are great. 

    I am so happy for you guys that things are going great this time around.  Please stop in more often.  Its great to see you on here!!

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