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Pedometer check-in

11,201 yesterday.  And that was hard earned!  I did leg weights yesterday, and I don't do cardio on leg days.  By 5:00, I only had like 3000 steps.  I got the rest from our evening walk, chasing Nate (we played chase around the house for a good 20 mins) and then by walking in place while we watched Ninja Warrior.

What are your goals for the weekend? I am hoping we can get out and hike some this weekend.  We found out that a park near us has 8 miles of hiking trails.  We had no idea!  So we may check it out.


Re: Pedometer check-in

  • 13,228 yesterday.  Goal to hit 6k today, then 13k both Sat and Sun (but to hit my main goal of 70k for the week, I really only need around 11k on Sunday b/c of my 15k day from Tues.).  I've got my 3.5 mi. walk planned for both Sat and Sun, which gives me 7500 steps just for that walk.  Then with some housework and walking in place, I should have no problem hitting that goal.

    I'm VERY excited to be on track to hit my 70k goal for the first time this week!!!

    My new thing to help with steps is to walk in place before bed, while reading New Moon.  I hold on to my dresser with one hand while I'm reading so I don't fall while I'm reading, but I get to get steps in while reading a book I've been craving to read for a while.  2-in-1 bonus!  =)

  • 11,866 yesterday, from running errands, and a 45 min walk with DH and Holly.

    Today, at 8:30 pm, I'm only up to 4,800. Ouch. So I'm getting ready to kick DH out of the family room, and do the Wii Fit for awhile. If I can get, say, 8k total tonight, I should be on track to get 70k for the week. 

    My goal for the weekend is to hopefully get to the gym. I've been doing a lot of walking, but I want to step up my cardio, and hopefully do some weights. We were supposed to go to the beach, but decided to go in a couple of weeks instead, since Holly isn't feeling great, and might have a couple more rough sleeping nights before she starts feeling better...

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