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Would you worry? (TMI)

Today I had a brownish tint to my discharge and it has since turned light pink (very little). I called my OB and went in to have blood drawn, my betas are fine and I'll go in Monday for a repeat draw and ultrasound. Should I be to concerned? TIA

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Re: Would you worry? (TMI)

  • No, I wouldn't worry.  I had the same thing happen during my pregnancy.  It's good that your betas looked okay today.  Once you confirm that they are doubling properly, you'll feel much better.  Just hang in there.  Spotting is really normal during early pregnancy.
  • As some who is still in my 1st tri and just visited the ER for similar reasons, I wouldn't worry.  Apparently, like pp said, it's often normal.  Just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get significantly worse.  GL!
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  • Thanks, early pregnancy is gonna make me CrAzY!
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  • Nope, I spotted at 6w and through 10wn (and here and there throughout). Brown blood is old blood, so don't be concerned it is a "normal" part of pregnancy. I was always told by my OB, if you have 2 tablespoons or more of bright red blood, then call ASAP. Those first 14 weeks are stressful!!



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  • No, I wouldn't worry either.  I had spotting with both pregnancies early on.  It's more than likely implantation spotting.
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