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Hi ladies


I am finally getting around to hanging up Bella's name on her wall...


if you all did this, how did you attach the ribbon and did you just use nails or something fancier and nicer?  did the letters hang crooked??

Re: Wall Letters

  • We were super anal about doing Kate's because I was OCD about them falling on her :o)


    So...we put nails in the wall where we wanted to "hang" them from.  then I had little white door pulls that I put that thick double-sided poster tape on the back of, then we jammed those onto the nails and made sure they stuck super well.  then we put a bunch of teh poster tape on the backs of the letters and draped the ribbon over the pulls, then placed the letter on the wall where it looked like they would naturally hang but straight.  if that makes sense!  They were stuck on there super well and didn't move a milimeter even with Kate's incessant crib-side-banging.

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  • We used this adhesive spray the company recommended. If we were having a girl though, I would have done ribbon and nails.
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  • I used a staple gun to attach the ribbon to the letters. Then I used clear push pins to hang them on the wall since they're not that heavy.  For the "J", I had to put a piece of scoth tape on the back so that it would hang straight.   The letters are in my bio.
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