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Everyone keep your fingers crossed Monday

I already asked for this once, but I'm asking again.  Eli has a swallow study Monday morning and we could really use any prayers and postivie thoughts that he passes and we can stop thickening his liquids.  I am trying so hard to not get my hopes up this time, because I really think he's still not ready.  But I'm always welcome to a miracle! 

I just can't imagine how much easier things will be when we're finally done with this.  Most kids outgrow it by one year, but he didn't even get diagnosed until 11 months and failed again at 14 months.  It doesn't bother me too much anymore as far as daycare is concerned, but it's so difficult at home, especially when we're outside or at the pool and he's constantly thirsty.  Can't the kid just have a bottle of water?!


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Re: Everyone keep your fingers crossed Monday

  • Good Luck ELI!!!!!!
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  • narknark member
    Good luck! I hope he passes with flying colors -- sure sounds like it would make life a bit easier!

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