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TMI question, sorry!

If you BF, what was it like when AF returned?  I know it may be a while before it returns since I nurse, but I have had a TON of CM lately, and now both nips are sore.  DH thinks it's DD's new teeth hurting me, but I don't think she really touches me with them.  Does it sound like AF may return soon?

Re: TMI question, sorry!

  • I got AF back at 3 mo pp!  But I didn't have the pain you're describing until I was pregnant again.  In my first trimester it felt like DD's teeth were hurting me and I had to wean her.
  • I think you would be able to tell if it was her teeth because she would have bit you.  Otherwise nursing in general with teeth doesn't hurt. 

    When I was still nursing and my period had returned I found that my nipples would get very sensitive when it was O time.  If you have lots of CM and your nipples are sore it could mean that you are getting ready to O and AF will be returning soon.  I had my first PP period at 6 months when DS had started eating more solids and therefore I believe eating less BM.

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