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Update on Can't Decide

Went to old navy -- now Im doubly screwed. 

I got a red USA flag t-shirt to go with his plaid shorts that can also go under the overalls.  And a Blue/white stripe polo to go w/ khaki shorts.  Is 3 outfits too many?

Re: Update on Can't Decide

  • Are you going to do nekkid pics too?  If not, then 3 outfits should be fine.  We did 2 outfits plus alot of diaper only pics, which is like a 3rd outfit.

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  • yeah we are doing diaper too....Hmmm...
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  • this is the tshirt:



    And the polo:



    Should I nix the overall pictures?

  • I think you should do overalls with no shirt.  Do that and the flag shirt with plaid shorts.  But if you're not as attached to the overalls as I am, then nix them and do the polo. 

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  • I reeeeaaaallllyy like the polo, but then again, I'm partial to those colors.  They look really good on Connor.  I say go with the t-shirt and plaid shorts, the polo and khaki's and some diaper shots.  If they have time, I might sneak in an overalls sans shirt pic too.  HAVE FUN!
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  • I think you are gone already but if you don't do the overalls then we just can't be friends anymore.  First you cut his hair then nix the overalls.  Not cool.
  • Ahhh crap, one more friend down the drain.  No overalls.  But I did get him in a diaper and a cowboy hat...its so stinkin cute!
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