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Gestational Diabetes test

Can someone tell me how this works? I know I drink a lot of sweet something, and then they take some blood. How long does it take? How long does it take to get the results? And what happens if it comes out positive?

I realize I can ask my doctor all of these things (especially because I'm doing it today!), but thought I would check here first. Thanks!

Re: Gestational Diabetes test

  • Note:  For both of these tests, I can't remember if they draw your blood before making you drink the glucose or not.  I think I remember getting my blood drawn 4 times during the 3 hour test, so they may get a baseline blood first.

    You'll start with the 1 hour test.  They give you the sweet drink (mine tasted like the orange punch they gave us in camp when I was a kid) and you have 5 minutes to drink all of it.  You wait an hour, and they draw some blood.  Where I was, it took a week to get results. 

    If you fail the test, you have to go back and take the 3 hour test.  For that one, I had to fast before coming in.  You drink the sweet drink again, then they draw blood every hour for 3 hours.

    If you fail that one too, you're diagnosed with GD, and have to go on a special diet.  If you're lucky, that's all you'll have to do.  If you're unlucky, insulin shots may be part of the equation too.

  • Thank you, now I know what to expect!  Today is the one hour test for me. I didn't know I only have 5 minutes to drink the stuff, and the rest of the time is just waiting! Good thing I have a book...
  • I had mine first thing in the morning. They told me not to eat anything really sweet for breakfast.  They also gave me the drink to take home and drink before I came in.  I drank the orange "juice", went in to the dr. right after and they took my blood.  They said no news was good news and if I needed the 3hr. test they would contact me.  I never heard from them.   
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