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Pregnancy Fitness Classes?

Can anyone recommend any good pregnancy fitness classes in the area?  I live in Rockville, but wouldn't mind travelling for a good class.  Thanks!

Re: Pregnancy Fitness Classes?

  • I exercise at home, but I know VTKendra really liked a few of the classes offered at Holy Cross.
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  • I took one with Arlington County recreation, but I think that's a bit far for you.
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  • There is a prenatal yoga class and a prenatal stretch and tone class offered through Holy Cross Hospital. It's not a hard-core exercise class (if that's what you are looking for) - you basically do exercises and talk but it's a great way to meet other preggers moms and share questions and concerns. The instructor is excellent and can answer a lot of questions. Also, you can mix and match the classes so if you purchase the prenatal stretch and tone, you can go to yoga and visa versa.
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