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Wish us well behaving baby vibes!

This is going to be a busy couple of days with everything we have going on, so I really hope A is on her best behavior. Of course we have her 2 month appt tomorrow, so I hope it goes okay! Sat we have the year end party here (yay, DH is finally done with 2nd year!) and then Sunday is her Baptism!! DH's brother and his wife fly in today and leave monday and my mom flies in Tuesday!

I'm exhausted already!!

Re: Wish us well behaving baby vibes!

  • Aww... good luck!  Try and stay as less stressed as possible b/c she will sense it for sure.  Luci picks up on everything.  Even if I just get down for just a sec.  It's funny how babies know everything.
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  • GL!  I'm sure she'll be an angel :o)
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  • GL!!!  Remember the tylenol!
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