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allergic to parsley

my poor baby!! my Mom called and DD has broken out in a rash all over her body. We tried a new food this morning - parsley, my Mom made a soup with a bunch of veggies DD has had before and added parsley. I'm waiting for the nurse to call back w/ a dosage on Benadryl. I really hope it helps!!


Re: allergic to parsley

  • Poor baby.  Benadryl does help.  We give DD a half tsp (2ml) of Benadryl at least once a day. 

    We have the Atopiclair (yikes $150).  Her skin is still flaring right now.  And we have an allergist appt tomorrow.


  • update: no Benadryl, Dr said she's too young for it (8mo). We'll put .5% hydrocortisone cream on tonight.

    It was not till at least a week of using Atopiclair that eczema got better.

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  • We started using Benadryl around 6 months.  Dermatologist recommended and pedi affirmed it.  The antihistamine helps for her itching and definitely her breathing the night we had to go to the ER.  For rashes, steroid works better.
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