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Best NYC Hospital?

What are the best hospitals in nyc to deliver your baby? ?I'm newly pregnant and need to find a great doctor and hospital, one with private rooms as well.

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  • My friend delivered at NYU Medical Ctr and she said that they have very few private rooms so if it is a busy time, the chances of getting a private room are slim....however the hospital itself is excellent.

    I got a private room at Mt Sinai pretty easily, I delivered in january.  Another friend delivered at NY Presbyterian, delivered Nov 2007 and had a private room as well.  NY Presbyterian is supposedly the best hospital for L&D and NICU unit.  I personally loved my ob's so I went with their hospital affiliation, would def deliver there again as well so I guess go with whichever hospital your doctor is affiliated with assuming that you are happy with them.

     Good luck!

  • St. Lukes Roosevelt on 10th and 59th St. Love it.
  • Mount get private birthing rooms and the nurses and doctors are amazing!!!! the delivery wing entrance is on 5th ave and 105th street, i believe.

     I had a m/c there and they couldn't have been nicer. I didn't want hospital food and they let my friend go out and bring me comfort food. I would reccommend them ANYTIME.

  • i'm at NY Presbyterian and i love it.
  • I am planning on St. Luke's Roosevelt after a really good recommendation from a friend.

    ALL of their delivery rooms are private - but your recovery room may not be (pay extra).

     I have heard that Columbia is rated number 1 - but if you have a typical pregnancy then it probably isn't the best because the staff isn't super friendly (so I've heard).  I have only heard good things about St. Luke's Roosevelt.  I mentioned my selection in my blog post last week, if you are interested.

     Pregnant Peacock

  • We just took a tour of St Luke's Roosevelt and all the delivery rooms are private, but the recovery rooms are shared with one other person. The private rooms are $850 per night, and are very nice. I haven't seen to St Vincent's but have heard that they are good, and that their private rooms are only $350 per night. Good luck!
  • Just took the tour at St. Luke's Roosevelt too and am going with them b/c of their options.  We like the idea of the Birthing Center but want to be wheeled up to a regular L/D room if I need an epidural.  I was originally set on Columbia but feeling good about St. Luke's now.
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