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We went to our 38 week appointment today. I'm dilated just one stinkin' centimeter. Bah!  Anyone go from one centimeter to labor in a few days? Please give me some words of encouragement :)

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  • I was at a 0 at 38 weeks when I went into labor.
  • It could happen, but you are only 38 weeks.  It sucks to wait, I know.  Blargh. 
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  • I was at 0 at my 38 week appt. and had DD 3 days later.
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  • I was 1 cm at 38 weeks, 2 cm and 50% effaced at 39 weeks, and 3-4cm and 70% effaced at 40 weeks. After my doc stripped my membranes at my 40 week appointment, I finally went into labor.
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  • Some people go into labor at 0, others walk around at 1 for weeks. Not to make it sound bad but I was 1 until  42 weeks when they induced me. When your body decides its ready then it wont matter how dilated you are. Good luck.
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