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Some questions.

Hello there, I am expecting and this afternoon was told that we tested positive on the quad screen for DS. While that is not the worst news, I would like some guidance/insight on how much more testing to get. I am 25, and we will be scheduling a level II when loyola calls to do so.

If that comes back with no markers, would you suggest an amnio?

What about if it comes back with markers.

We WILL NOT terminate this pregnancy, and I do not know that I am comfortable with the risks of an amnio.

I hope that I am not offending anyone here with these questions. I just know that there can really be a lot of false positives with this screen, and I do not want to take undue risks.

Our number was 1/120 (ish!) 

Re: Some questions.

  • i had a positive afp with my son.  had a level 2 ultrasound which showed NO markers and like you i felt uncomfortable with an amnio as we would not terminate so i refused it.  we found out at birth (confirmed with a blood test a week later) that he indeed has Down syndrome.  

    whether you decide on an amnio or not it's a personal choice that only you and your husband can make.  some choose to get it done so that they can know for sure and prepare, but honestly i preferred not knowing.  i don't regret my decision at all. 

    good luck with your decision! 

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  • My son does not have DS, but we did do a CVS for other genetic issues.  We chose not to terminate, but wanted to have all the data possible.


    The risks of CVS are about the same as amnio, and both are very small if you go to an experienced doc.  Before the procedure my doc gave me her stats, which were excellent- better than the published "average" stats.  This was a specialist at a major research hosp.  So before you decide to pass based on the risks, you might ask the actual Dr. who would preform it, what are their personal stats?  It might reassure you a lot.


    Anyway, my CVS went fine, no complications, and we were glad we did it.  We will be doing it again with the next pg too.

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