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XP: The Bright Side

Yesterday I pretty much cried off and on most of the day after getting my beta count of 9.2. I tried to figure out of this is my fault. Did I walk the dogs too long? Did the sprint from the house to the car in the rain jostle something? Was it the martini I had at 6dpo? The rational side of me knows none of those things mattered.  So after getting home and sobbing in K's arms for a bit I decided to try and think of some of the good things:

1) We now know for sure that I ovulate

2) We know the donor sperm swims in the right direction

3) We know we had good timing with the IUI (24 hrs post trigger)

4) For now I am 4w3d pregnant and that is special

5) My body knows this isn't a viable pregnancy and is doing what it is supposed to do (although that sucks and it's hard)

We'll see what beta #2 tells us tomorrow but for now I'm looking toward the next cycle and try.

ETA: 6) I know my symptoms were real.  Although they were similar to PMS (sore boobs, peeing alot, etc), they were different.  My bbs felt more like bruises and I was seriously needing to pee every 30 minutes vs. every other hour.



Re: XP: The Bright Side

  • i'm so impressed by your positive perspective! and you're right - there are many great things that have already come out of this cylce.
  • Those are some really great pros to take from the situation.  You've got great timing and great sperm, and you can get pregnant!  I'm thinking of you. Good luck tomorrow.

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  • I'm so glad you are taking the time to look at the positive.

    And please remember, aside from grievous indifference, there is nothing you can do to shake a good pregnancy, and nothing you can do to keep a "bad" one.

    This is no more your fault then my m/c was. But we will both get our babies.

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  • I'm so sorry you have to go through this. But, I think it's great that you are looking at all the positives. I am still hoping for a little miracle tomorrow.
  • i would just like to state for the official record that i think you're amazing.

    that's all.

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