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What is your favorite...

Store bought cake flavor and frosting flavor? I'm going to start making a fun little cake/frosting concoction and I'm trying to come up with popular combinations.

They need to be one cake flavor with one frosting flavor.

Name em!

Re: What is your favorite...

  • German Chocolate is probably the most impressive, w/o having to do anything extra.  Theres always the good ol' stand-by of yellow cake with milk choc frosting.  Yum.  Oh!  You're talking about your cake pops (I almost said cake balls).  Hm...Confetti might be fun?
  • LOL!  I keep calling them cake balls too.  I'm also going to make cake blocks (baby shower type of thing) and other shapes for different occasions.

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  • Fun!  I'll be your taste tester if you want.  *shrug* No big deal


  • No prob! Since DW isn't a big fan of cake and I don't allow DD to have a lot of refined sugar, I'm looking for a taste tester.  I'm making about 7-10 different flavors this weekend.  If you PM me your address, I will send them out on Monday! :o)
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