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good books for toddlers

I am not gay, but want to buy my daughter some good books ?on families. ?This is to make sure that she understands that there are many kinds of families and that two mommies and two daddies in a house is perfectly normal. ?I looked at the local Borders, but most are geared for older kids. ?Does anyone have any suggestions? ?We live in Atlanta, so it is a very progressive community (especially for the South), but these books seem hard to find. ?Suggestions welcome! ?And horray to all of you mommies!

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  • I'm guessing your best bet would be to order them online. Here are a few I've bookmarked (but have not yet read):

    And Tango Makes Three (Parnell)
    The Family Book (Parr)
    The Different Dragon (Bryan)
    Flying Free (Gregg)
    Emma and Meesha My Boy (Considine)
    Heather Has Two Mommies (Newman)

    HTH, and thanks for thinking of including some of these books in your daughter's library!

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  • I've read all of those except Flying Free. I would second all of them. And if you look on Amazon it shows related items when you search for any of these. Also, Babies Everywhere is really cute and shows lots of families without being explicit. Good luck finding some great books for your little one!
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  • I actually have a board book that both of my kids have loved called 'Everywhere Babies' (Susan Meyers, author- illustrations by Marla Frazee).  It's a cute, rhymey (?) book but the illustrations in it show many different families/people including same sex couples & people of different ethnic backgrounds.  It's very subtle- I actually didn't notice it until we'd had it awhile & I really looked at the illustrations, but I love it!  I haven't looked to see if this author has anything else that's more inclusive like this, but now that I think of it, I probably should!  I second the hooray to all you mom's on this board :)
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